Product Review: Aveda Conflixor Liquid Gel

We gave this gel a try to hold all night at an awards show. It was a warm and windy day. Find out how this product held up through the night.
I would say I’m a fairly simple gal when it comes to hair products. I don’t use much in my hair for styling aside from a heat protection and a little serum. I very rarely pull out the hairspray and I’m definitely not a mouse or gel girl…at least that’s what I thought. I recently had my hair styled by Paula at Aveda Academy in Edmonton for the Yeggie awards. I wanted to go for a bit of a vintage vibe and have some structured waves created in my hair. I had told Paula I would come in with my hair washed and round brushed and she asked me to use some sort of a liquid gel in my hair before blow drying. Her personal favorites were Aveda Conflixor and Aveda Flax Seed & Aloe. I went with the Conflixor as it was more of a medium hold while the Flax Seed & Aloe is a little stiffer.

I was a little skeptical seeing as how the last time I used gel in my hair was when I had a perm and crunchy curls were kind of cool (yes, it was the 80’s). I tested it out once in damp hair the day before my appointment just so I could gauge how much I should use. I put two applications in my hair, each being about the size of a toonie. I would say that’s lots but I didn’t want to use too little and have my curls fall flat and I wanted to make sure that if I did use too much, it wouldn’t be crunchy.

I blow dried the bottom half of my hair with a round brush and then let the top half dry naturally so I could see what it would do for my natural waves. I was pleasantly surprised with both finishes. I could still run my fingers through the round brushed hair and my waves didn’t get stiff or crunchy.

I would probably go a little lighter on the application if I were using it on a day to day basis as my waves were a little bit sticky (for what I’m use to). But it worked so well the day of the Yeggies for holding my curls. I’m sure part of that is due to Paula’s technique of setting the curls and the hairspray she used to finish it but my curls literally lasted until I washed my hair 2 days later. Even before she styled my hair, I really liked what the gel did for my blow out. It just gave me a bit more volume for a style that’s usually a little flat. Your hair won’t feel silky smooth when using this product but it’s definitely still movable and natural.

I would definitely recommend this gel if you’re looking for a little extra hold for a night or even day to day.

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