Product Review – Aveda Damage Control Spray

I usually buy my Aveda Damage Control spray at the Aveda store in West Edmonton Mall, but any Aveda salon such as; Itonica, Maxim, Dandy, Jigsaw or Aveda Academy will carry it for around $25. This product claims to protect the hair from thermal and UV damage as well as reduce breakage. I spray it on towel dried hair before I start combing it out, drying or styling it. The product doesn’t have any hold to it, like a spray gel, but I still find it helps define my waves without making the hair sticky and if I’m wearing my hair straight, it helps the comb or brush glide through my hair. You can also spritz some of this product on dry hair to revive a style, I always make sure not to over use it though because the hair will turn crunchy. As far as thermal protection, it’s sufficient for everyday styling with a blowdryer, but if I’m curling all my hair I like to use something with a little more protection (like the Chi 44 Iron Guard).

I am on about my 5th bottle of the stuff. It lasts a long time and I haven’t found a better product that detangles, softens my waves, protects against heat and gets rid of the frizzies while still allowing me to run my fingers through my hair.

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