Product Review – Aveda Humectant Pomade

This has to be the best smelling hair product, I pretty much use it for that reason alone :) It’s a clear jelly like pomade that is a lot lighter than some of the other waxy ones I’ve tried. I use the Aveda Pomade mostly in dry hair however sometimes I mix a small amount in my palm with the “>Aveda Smoothing Fluid and apply it to towel dried hair before I blowdry, it seems to help smooth the hair out a bit.
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I find that the pomade helps to define my layers and get rid of any frizzy looking ends. If I’m wearing my hair flat ironed but still want some volume, I’ll put a small amount of the pomade in my hands, rub them together then apply it to my ends. I then take sections of hair and rub the ends between my palms (almost like you’re warming your hands up). This puts a little texture and volume into the straight style without making it look frizzy. I also never use the product too close to my roots or my hairline as it would make my hair look greasy.

I have bought several jars of the Aveda Humectant Pomade even though I’ve tried other brands. It’s a lighter product that smells amazing (I usually can’t stop smelling my hair when I use it) but you still have to use it sparingly or you’ll end up greasy looking. In the summer time, it’s a good idea to keep it in a cool area…I’ve had to replace a couple jars because it melted in my hot apartment and was never the same even after it got back to a normal temp :(

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