Product Review – Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo & Conditioner

I received Aveda’s Smooth Shampoo ($21) & Conditioner ($21) for Christmas one year, used it a few times then put it under my sink to save for the occasions when I wanted to wear my hair straight. I had kind of forgotten about it until the owner of Dandy Salon, Pamela, suggested it might be a good one for me to try since I love Aveda but have always found their conditioners to be useless. It claims to smooth and soften hair up to 60% (with daily use), reduce frizz, unwanted waves and prevent flyaways. The Daily cleansing smooths and softens hair up to 60%. I dug it out and gave it a try again…

This, of course, smells amazing (I love any Aveda scent), the packaging is perdy and ergonomic (love my Kevin Murphy but it is seriously hard to get the product out of those bottles when they’re not full) and although I haven’t used it long enough to see long term effects, I was really impressed at my first time results. There have been a couple Aveda cleansing and conditioning combos I’ve tried over the years, that I loved the smell (like the Rosemary Mint) but the conditioner fell flat. They felt almost watered down for me. I know thickness doesn’t determine a conditioners quality, but I do like a good thick conditioner to coat my strands and help my comb glide through…and I don’t want to have to use half the bottle to achieve this.

For me, I can’t tell much difference between shampoos. As long as it doesn’t strip my hair too much, irritate my scalp or leave my hair greasy, it’s all good :) I obviously forgot how well this conditioner worked – I didn’t need a ton of it, it made it really easy to comb my hair out (which I do in the shower while the conditioner is in) and after I towel dried my hair is when I really noticed the difference. I can usually comb my hair pretty easy after a towel drying but with this, I could glide my fingers through my hair and it literally felt “smooth” (as the bottle suggests).

This would be a great daily shampoo & conditioner for those who wanted to relax their waves a bit. I go back and forth, day to day, between wearing my hair wavy and straight. So this is one I will save for my straight days – however, I’m not sure I’ll reap the full benefits of the product this way – but still a product I would consider buying again.

It also got great reviews on Aveda’s website

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