Product Review – Chi 44 Iron Guard

After I bought my Babyliss Curling Iron, I went a little overboard and fried my hair a bit :( I went to Chatters looking for a deep conditioner but was told by the sales girl that I really needed a thermal protector. She directed me to the Chi 44 Iron Guard and when I first tried it, I thought she was crazy for recommending it. I spritzed it on a section of dry hair I was getting ready to curl and let it dry for a few seconds. Once the spray had dried, my hair was crunchy! But…..once I combed it and put the curling iron over the section of hair, the hair softened right up.

I’m on my second bottle of the Chi 44 Iron Guard and would definitely buy more. I never curl my hair without spritzing it on first and I definitely noticed a difference from when I was using my Babyliss without it, no more straw-hair :)

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