Product Review – Children’s Scunci Hair Accessories

We here at Mane Dish are obviously obsessed with hair, we enjoy reading about it, writing about and dreaming about it! So it comes as no surprise to me personally that my 5 year old daughter is equally obsessed. She loves her clips, headbands, ponies and braids just as much as I do, it’s just a minor shame that I have passed my fine hair onto her, but she is of course beautiful regardless! Sometimes this fine hair can be difficult to work with so I just thought I would share a few of her favorite hair accessories that work best in fine hair as well as her favorite hair related book :)

Scunci Girls Bendini hair clips:
Hair jewelry that works with any hair length or texture. Just slide the Bendini into your hair then snap into place.

Scunci Girl no damage hair bands:
A great value with 48 mini elastic bands, each measuring just 1 inch in length. Bands come in assorted colors and feature no metal clasp to snag or damage hair. These are awesome for fine hair and don’t fall out.

Scunci no slip grip barrettes:
Scunci No Slip Grip barrettes use new technology to help barrettes stay put, even in the finest of hair.

Scunci Gel Barrettes:
Unique gel barrettes feature a soft, non-sharp closure, perfect for those little ones who don’t exactly love to have accessories in their hair.

Fancy Nancy Hair Do’s and Hair Don’ts: My daughter absolutely loves this book!

Picture Day is just about the most important day of the year, and Nancy has her outfit all figured out. That leaves only one thing—picking a hairstyle! Nancy considers the options. Pigtails? A bun? Long and loose? Then Nancy gets a brain wave, and she reaches for the scissors…

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