Product Review – Davines Melu Shield

After switching from an Aveda salon to one that uses Davines, I decided to see if the Davines Melu Shield could give my everyday Aveda Damage Control spray a run for it’s money. I sprayed it on towel dried hair before I started blowdrying it and found it a bit stickier than I’m use to. Then as I was writing my review I checked the instructions and read that you can use on dry hair too. So I decided to test it against my Chi Iron Guard to see how it fared. I sectioned my hair and sprayed one side with my Davines and one side with my Chi before curling it. Check out my conclusion…

*UPDATE: After running out of my Aveda spray and using Davines on a regular basis, I’ve come to really like it as a thermal protector on damp hair – perhaps it has something to do with combining it with my Davines shampoo & conditioner.*


It smells like cream soda and the bottle spritzes the product on lighter. It only took a few minutes to dry before I gave the section a quick comb through and curled it. Once the curl had cooled, I ran my fingers through it and the hair was really soft, not sticky or crunchy at all.


I love the smell of Chi’s products, my friend describes it as smelling like a hot guy, I would have to agree :) The bottle sprays the product on a little heavier than the Davines so it gets the hair a little more wet. After this product is done drying, the hair feels stiff and sticky but combing it through helps a bit. Once the heat hits it and you comb through the curl with your fingers, the stickiness is almost completely gone.

Love the smell of Aveda. I won’t really compare the Damage Control spray to these two because I like to use it as a light spray before blowdrying, it’s pretty much weightless (unless you overuse it, then the hair can get a little crunchy). It’s a great everyday product to use, even if you’re not using heat because it helps detangle and it has UV protection…..and I love it for smoothing out and defining my waves a little bit since I hate gels and mouses. If I’m doing any major styling with the curling or flat iron, I would definitely use a product like Davines or Chi on dry hair, in addition to the Aveda I spray on before blowdrying. 

I personally like the smell of Chi’s thermal protector but I feel Davines does a better job of giving you hair that looks softer (like it doesn’t have any product in it). The Aveda is something I have bought over and over, It’s a great everyday product that’s nice and light.

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