Product Review – Davines MOMO Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner is for dry and dehydrated hair – that about sums mine up. I had tried Davines products before but never a shampoo/conditioner so I was excited to see what this could do. After testing out a few different brands to try and accommodate my sensitive scalp, I was curious to see how the Davines line would compare to my usual non-irritating shampoo, Surface, and my thick, moisturizing conditioner, Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me.


Right off the start, I liked the fact that even though the shampoo was aimed at hydrating the hair, it wasn’t cream based, those never seem to thoroughly clean my scalp. I can’t put my finger on the smell, but it’s clean and soft and not overpowering. A little bit went a long way, I could continue to lather my first squeeze around most of my scalp and I noticed my hair felt soft right away. Usually as I work shampoos through my hair, the hair begins to feel stripped and almost squeaky clean, definitely not the case with this one and my hair continued to feel soft and a little silky as I rinsed it out. Love.


Labelled as a moisturizing revitalizing creme, this conditioner surprised me as well with how little I had to use. I have long, naturally wavy, bleached hair…I usually use a mitt full of conditioner to get my hair feeling somewhat soft. I used about 3 fingers and dipped a little more than a tablespoon worth of conditioner out of the tub. I worked it through my ends and could immediately run my fingers through my hair.

It’s kind of hard to explain the end result of the conditioner – it works amazing, I could easily comb through my hair, even run my fingers through it, but it didn’t have that silky feeling I’m use to with silicone based conditioners. It almost felt like my hair soaked it all in, instead of just being coated in a wax – it’s a good thing :)

Once I blowdried my hair, it definitely felt like it needed a little something else. I know Davines designs their products to work best when used as a complete line. Maybe the MOMO Anti-Frizz Protective Fluid would have helped give my ends a little more weight.

I would definitely re-stock on this shampoo and conditioner again once it ran out. Shampoo didn’t irritate my scalp, conditioner left my hair soft, hydrated and detangled and I can wash out the empty bottles and use them as tupperware – bonus!

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