Product Review – Davines NOUNOU (Repairing Mask)

To add life back into my hair I decided to test out a Davines hair mask (my first Davines experience!) I picked up the Davines NOUNOU pak from Charisma Hair Fashion for $14 after getting my hair did

I have searched high-end and even low-end products for just the right hair mask and I can honestly say that I have found it!!

I only have Good Points:

-there really isn’t a strong smell to the product- it’s a light fresh scent. ( I don’t like powerful scented things)
-price point for it’s size is not ideal but I believe if you love it and the price is worth it then buy it! This was totally worth it-I’d even pay $20 if I had to.
-I used about a tablespoon (small scoop of my 4 fingers) and applied to my hair- that was all I needed, it spread throughout my hair and I did not need to use much at all.
-I left it in my hair for 35-40 min longer than the recommended time 15-20 but that was because I forgot – and thought that it would make my hair greasy from leaving it in too long – it didn’t! In fact my hair feels smooth and soft and finally healthy!

After all the Cuba damage, I am happy that I got to treat my hair to such a great product! And if my hair could talk I’m sure it would say “thanks a bunch”!

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