Product Review – Davines OI Oil

This oil is for “All kinds of hair” as stated on the bottle, so we thought we’d all give it a try on our different hair types. Check out what we thought of it…


My hair is long, fairly thick, wavy and bleached. My scalp gets oily pretty fast so I tend to shy away from oils or too many styling products. I’ve tried a couple serums in the past and found them a bit too heavy so this light oil suited my hair better. I didn’t go too heavy with it and kept it to my ends where my hair gets a little frizzy. It has a stronger smell, that I can’t quite define, paired with a soft powdery smell.

I tried it both as a pre-styling oil and ran it through my hair before blowdrying as well as a finishing product on my wavy hair. I’ve been going lighter and lighter with my hair and found it harder and harder to get those smooth locks – this really did help smooth out my hair when I blow dried it with a round brush. My hair wasn’t completely back to it’s healthy, pre-bleached state, but it definitely helped. 

When I used it as a finishing product, I went really light with it and just worked some into my air-dried wavy hair. I found it helped get rid of some of my frizzy ends and helped define my waves a little better.

Although oils and serums aren’t usually a staple in my hair product regime, I really was surprised at how light this one is and have begun incorporating it. And my little bottle will last me a long time – good purchase!


This oil really is a beautifying potion! I absolutely love it. The only thing about it that may scare some is that it says OIL! This isn’t your typical Moroccan oil or Argon oil, as I do find some of the leave in oils I’ve used in the past tend to be a little heavy or produce extra unwanted oils in my hair.

The Davines OI/Oil is a wonder hair drug. I’ve incorporated it into my hair regime… Shampoo and condition then use the OI as a leave in treatment. The results are as follows…

  • leaves a shine in my hair without creating oily roots. I can use this product and go for days without worrying if its going to make my hair greasy. 
  • I’m big on smell of a product and found that this oil is a soothing smell, and apparently you can use it to moisturize your skin (hands and face) if you wanted to. 
  • I found that it kept my hair colour looking vibrant and less dull. After about 4 weeks my hair usually starts to look dull and dry. Since using this OI Oil, my hair continues its shine up until my next hair apt.
  • Since using the Davines Oil with the Davines Melu shampoo & conditioner, I have found my hair to be a lot shinier, healthier and fight the premature natural production of oils on my scalp. I can go a week without shampooing my hair or looking like I need to. My hair actually looks and feels great longer than it ever has, and that is why I truly enjoy this line. 

I do believe in this miracle oil potion and will continue to use it in my hair regime until some other miraculous line comes about.

I pretty much steer clear of any type of oil hair products as they have never treated me well in the past. But after hearing great things about the OI oil from Davines, I decided to give it a go. The aspects of OI that intrigued me are it’s claims to be detangling, anti-frizz and shine enhancing all at the same time. So as long as it wasn’t going to weigh my hair down, I was sold!
I used the tiniest amount, rubbed it in my palms and smoothed it through my wet hair in order to check out the detangling claims. It did a decent job of helping my fingers comb more easily through my usually tangled mess of wet hair plus it didn’t feel greasy, but I kinda figured it wouldn’t as my hair was obviously wet.
After blow drying I didn’t really notice anything different the first few times, but after about a week of use my hair had a nice shine to it and dried quicker than I was used to, which was awesome! I also use the OI oil to smooth down my fly aways after I’ve styled my hair.  
When I applied the product directly through my dry hair I used even less the first few times out of the same fear of it weighing down my fine hair.  But I noticed that I didn’t need to be so sparing as it really is a light weight oil and makes my locks super shiny when the perfect amount is used!
I enjoy this product mostly for the shine it gives and would certainly recommend it for those who are prone to frizzy, tangled hair. Great product Davines!

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