Product Review – Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner

I signed up for P&G Brand Sampler a while ago (follow the link to sign up yourself), which sends out free samples of a variety of household products. Hair products are usually a part of their sample giveaways and last month I received Dove’s Damage Therapy – Intensive Repair Conditioner and I was actually surprised with it’s results…

I’ve tried to move away from drugstore hair products, mostly due to all the harmful chemicals found in the majority of them. However I find I can get away with the conditioners seeing as how I don’t apply them directly to my scalp as I do with shampoos. The true test for me is how easily I can get my wide tooth comb through my long hair once the conditioner is applied. Dove’s conditioner made my hair really silky and the comb just glided through my strands. The same applied once I was out of the shower; my hair was smooth and easy to comb through…and I’m picky about my conditioners.

I’ve tried Dove’s hairspray before and mostly didn’t like it due to the smell – kind of like baby powder but a heavier version of it. This had the same underlying smell but seems fresher like they added a fruitier scent to it and I actually don’t mind it.

I can’t say how this product will fair long term as I only have a sample bottle, getting me through about 5 washings. For the amount of time I did use it, I liked it. It didn’t weigh my hair down or irritate my scalp – which some people using both the shampoo and conditioner complained of, I believe that would be from the chemicals in the shampoo or possibly applying the conditioner directly to the scalp which I don’t do.

I’m not sure how much a regular sized bottle of this would cost at the drugstore, my guess is around $10-$15, but I would say it’s worth the money for a drugstore brand. I’ve tried a lot of conditioners, with very few of them making my shopping list twice, and this once is a definite re-buy.

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