Product Review: Elnett Hairspray by L’oreal

So I’ll make this product review a quick one, cuz it’s just not worth the words! We decided to review this hairspray after reading that it was a top pick for stylists – which we thought would mean something seeing as how most don’t admit to using drugstore brands.

Overall packaging and price: the can is kinda old school looking which for some reason helps me like it…at first. And you gotta love the drugstore price @ only $11. Does it live up to its claims and hype? No, I don’t think it does, at all. I don’t get why everyone’s in love with this? The hold is minimal at best and the smell is by far the worst smelling hair product I’ve ever used! It’s like bad old lady perfume and lingers in your hair for quite some time. It’s really bad.
And that’s about it, not much more to say, other than I will never buy it again!

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