Product Review: Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs

Over the past three weeks us Mane Dish dolls have committed solely to one line of products in order to give the best review possible as a whole.  It all started when we were invited to Kinetic Salon to enjoy a complimentary Eufora Experience, (you can read further on that here), and were challenged by owner Patrick Wong to try the Beautifying Elixirs collection.   We try so many products for Mane Dish that having a routine for longer than a few days or even a week is kind of odd for us, so needless to say we were all eager to see the difference!   Here is a little background on our hair types to give you a better idea of our starting points;


MEL: I was sooooo excited to start an actual hair care program I can’t even tell you!  I hardly ever wash my hair…once a week is a good week, (I shower though, I swear!)  The reason for this lack of washing was because I really felt that if my hair was “too healthy” I would not be able to hold curl or volume in my fine, bleached hair for much longer than a few hours.  But with this line of products I was told to wash my hair at least once every few days…which proved a bit of a task.  However, I am nothing if not an avid rule follower so off I went like a good little girl and did as I was told;)


ERIN: I have long, colored hair that has a bit of a wave to it – not enough that it’s a scrunch and go but just enough to make it that annoyingly in between must-style-it-or-it’s-a-frizzy-mess type wave. I have a sensitive scalp that reacts to most chemicals in regular shampoos and dry ends that usually require a thick, deep conditioner to get a comb through them.



KATRINA:  My hair is a little coarse from being over processed for the past 15 years. However, with continual use of great shampoos & conditioners for damaged hair, a good leave in conditioner and a leave in oil serum, I can keep my thick hair manageable and smooth. I also have a natural wave (not quite a tight curl) to my hair; so on days I like to wear it wavy I prefer to use a leave in curl enhancing spray. I was looking forward to seeing how a product line free of chemicals and uses Aloe as a base would help with my hair type!




Fast forward 3 weeks later and here is what we all had to say on the entire line of products from Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs line;

Bodifying Shampoo: $36.20 for 250ml:
-MEL: I Loved hearing that all Eufora products are completely Filler and Sulfate free!  They also contain Eufora’s Damage Cure Complex & Vibrant Color Complex to help restore the hair at the cuticle and  prevent fading & those awful brassy tones.  I used the Bodifying Shampoo every second or third day and can honestly say it’s the only non-purple shampoo I have found that kept my hair looking the color I wanted it to, so there’s gotta be something to their *Vibrant Color Complex I guess!  There is a much better explanation of the complex’s here…I will just butcher it because I do not pretend to be a hairstylist nor a scientist;)
-ERIN: The fact that these are completely chemical free and aloe vera based was obviously a big plus for me. It lathers really well so a little bit goes a long way and I get absolutely no irritation with this line. It even cleared up a bit of an irritation I had from some hair dye. Has a great smell to it (oranges, yum) but doesn’t use cheap, chemical based fragrances, this line uses essential oils.
-KATRINA: A little goes a long way. Pea size squirts and it gets to lathering right away. Just add water and it lathers a lot more!  Didn’t alter my hair color at all and made it feel crystal clean.

Damage Cure Clay Masque: $45.20 for 200ml:
-MEL: This product is used to reverse heat/chemical damage & rebuild the integrity of hair.  I was told to use it once per week after shampooing for best results.  The Kinetic girls advised to apply the masque and then a hot towel for at least 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.  The masque for me wasn’t my favorite product but that was  just because as I mentioned, it almost made my hair feel too healthy?  Yes, I think there is such a thing!  But as my stylist Patrick explained, once my hair returns to it’s original strength and healthiness I wouldn’t need to use the masque so often and then it becomes more of a tool to restore moisture and reverse damage as I feel fit.  For now I will continue to use it weekly because I am fully dedicated to restoring my hairs former strength and besides, there’s always other products to help hold my styles!
-ERIN: Love, love, love this masque. The longer you leave this on, the better. When I could, I slept with it in my damp hair overnight and rinsed it out the next day. Holy did my hair feel conditioned. As mentioned, I have thick, bleached hair, so I used this masque twice a week. A definite must for any hair regime.
-KATRINA: Doesn’t look like a clay mask at all.  Its a thicker creamy substance. Took a couple scoops and put on the ends of my hair.  It felt like it absorbed quickly into my hair as there wasn’t really a lather, no heavy cream left on top my hair. Wrapped in a towel for 8 min. It rinses out easily and left my hair feeling smooth.

Moisture Intense Conditioner: $37.90 for 250ml: 
-MEL: I used this when I wasn’t using the masque directly after the Bodifying Shampoo.  It really does what it promises and I found I only needed the tiniest amount and still seen a difference.  This conditioner will last me a really long time.  It didn’t weigh my hair down at all when used in the correct amount and my hair over the past few weeks has gotten consistently shinier due to this product.
-ERIN: The conditioner smells great – kind of like oranges too but with a bit of a spicy smell. After letting it sit in a bun for a few minutes, I comb the tangles out and give it a good rinse. I’m use to conditioners that are full of silicone’s and immediately make your hair feel silky smooth – this one doesn’t give your hair that coated feeling but works just as well.
-KATRINA: Very thick.  Smells like fresh flowers and oranges.  Really nice relaxing smell.  Also absorbs quickly into my porous hair but you can still feel the cream coating on top so it makes me think its working over time. Rinses out like most conditioners but running my fingers through my hair while rinsing it felt thicker or stronger for some reason.  Left in for 5 min.

Beautifying Serum: $48.80 for 125ml:  
-MEL: OK, seems a little expensive right?  But this product like the conditioner will last FOREVER for me.  I hardly needed any product on my hands at all.   When applied to wet or dry hair it helped amp up the shine that the conditioner was already providing, it’s perfect for smoothing frizz.  As a bonus now that it’s colder it was so nice on my dry scalp, my husband even started using it on his scalp!  This is probably one of my favorite serums I’ve tried due to the ingredient list, makes me feel like I’m doing service to my hair using a product that doesn’t contain any of the following;  Artificial Aromas, Colorants, Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride, Phthalates or Formaldehyde!
-ERIN: Love to use this near the nape of my neck where my hair tends to get tangled. This stuff makes my hair feel so silky smooth without making it oily or heavy…whatsoever. Combining the control cream with the serum does wonders for reducing frizz.
-KATRINA: Smells fresh.  Applied a little to tips of my fingers lathered in hands and applied to ends.  I like serums and this one worked great.  It didn’t feel sticky or leave a film on my hands which is how I judge the way it will apply to my hair.  The overall look was shiny and healthy looking/feeling.

Leave In Repair Treatment: $30.80 for 200ml: 
-MEL: As mentioned when we gave a little preview of the Elixirs line, this is my favorite product.  This is due to the smell, the consistency, the actual results and price point of course;)  I liked it mostly for the heat protection because now that I actually wash my hair on a regular basis I have to blow dry so much more!  It really protects and helps to give my hair that strength it needs to handle a good blow out.  It also is a good de-tangler and I found I used it on my daughters very fine hair as well.
-ERIN: I spritz a bit of this in, just on the ends when it’s towel dried.  Perfect for my wavy hair to help detangle, control the frizz and protect it before I start blowdrying. It’s nice and lightweight but I did use a light hand when spraying it in.
-KATRINA: Spray on towel dried hair.  It’s a thicker spray.  More like spraying conditioner in your hair.  So I prefferred to spray it onto my hands and then apply throughout hair.  Smells like the conditioner.  I like that it’s a thicker leave in.  Made it easy to brush through my wet hair so perfect as a de-tangler.

Control Creme: $30.80 for 200ml: 
-MEL: Also a good deal for the products size and effectiveness   I don’t have any natural curl at all so I can’t comment on how it enhances curl or waves but I liked it solely for the hold factor on adding volume while blow drying.  I could feel it working but it was not sticky or heavy.  The Vibrant Color Complex also helps to protect color fading and as I said, in the past 3 weeks my hair has been consistent in color so I can’t complain at all!
-ERIN: A little bit goes a loooong way with this. I admittedly used too much the first time around and my hair felt a little weighed down. The second time, I used literally a pea size and it was perfect – no frizzies, no heaviness, completely soft hair.
-KATRINA: Used just a pea size. Lather in hands and applied to ends and little through roots. It really defined my layers and helped hold my style.

Frizz Control Finishing Spray: $31.94 for 235ml: 
-MEL: Probably a little too pricey for this gal to pay for hairspray but that’s coming from someone who usually uses the cheapo drugstore brands…I know, total faux pas!  This Control spray absolutely held just as good as the “extra maximum strength” drugstore stuff I’m used to, but without all of the horrible chemicals.  I know I should really be thinking of switching to a product better for me and the environment, but hairspray may very well be the last thing I budge on:(  Just too cheap I suppose!
-ERIN & KATRINA: Mel was the only reviewer on this product


Our Overall Reviews on the line:
-MEL: As an overall review I will definitely be staying with Eufora Beautifying Elixir products as I truly believe in what they are promising.  I have my BFF’s wedding coming up in June and am committed to turning my hair into the best condition it’s been in years!   I will also start working in some of Eufora’s Classics line and we will be sure to have some reviews for you all on those in the new year!
-ERIN: I really believe in this line of products – it wasn’t a quick fix that coated my hair and made it soft until the product rinsed out. It really did improve the condition of my hair and each product worked its own magic making my hair the total package;) It was a huge bonus that the products did the jobs they claimed they would and were completely non-irritating to my scalp. I’m definitely sold and plan on buying more Eurfora products once my supply runs out.
-KATRINA: My hair feels thick and it seems really quick to dry at almost half the time it normally takes. I’m looking forward to using up the rest of the product. The one thing I would stress is truly, a little goes a long way with this line and that suits me just fine as I can see the products lasting a long time.



Kit for $240



If you would like to try the Beautifying Elixirs Collection  for yourself or perhaps as a holiday gift for special someone, be sure to stop into Kinetic Salon.  You can get all of these amazing  products in a beautiful carrying case for $240…that’s almost $30 savings!









  1. Marsha
    November 28, 2012

    Wow what a great testimonial thank you for sharing

  2. Caitlin
    December 20, 2012

    Thank you for sharing, is there any way you can post a comment or another blog post with the full ingredients list of a few of their products? Like one shampoo and one conditioner and a leave in treatment? I would love to try these but I really do like to see the full list of ingredients first and I can’t seem to find a list anywhere and haven’t heard back from their customer service team about it. Thanks!


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