Product Review – Gosh Shampoo & Conditioner

After spending a week in Cuba with hotel shampoo and no conditioner, I desperately needed to buy some once I got back to Canada. I didn’t have time to head to my fave Chatters, so I hit up good old Shoppers Drug Mart. I got to the hair product isle and was so confused, there are more options than I have ever seen (Its been a while since I bought a drug store brand Shamp&Cond). After several minutes (33min to be exact) I decided to try something new. I went with Gosh Professional brand in the Color Rescue line. This decision was based mainly on price – $11.00 per bottle (as I am poor now from Cuba), the 500ml pump bottle (so I don’t waste the product, plus I love that they have this size in a pump!) and a friend had recommended the brand so I thought I’d try it out.

Shampoo states:

-It has Heliogenol, a herbal extract that protects the colour treated hair from UV exposure and fading and locks in colour with its amazing protection system (I should have bought this before Cuba-ugh)
-Repairs damage caused by oxidation and leaves colour treated hair looking fresh and vibrant


-Luxuirous conditioner that protects hair from UV exposure and fading
-Heliogenol (again) locks in colour with amazing protection system
-Pro vitamin B5 and shea butter provide moisture and shine and increase elasticity


-the shampoo doesn’t build a film residue on my hair like other drug store brands I have tested
-my hair doesn’t get greasy the next day – I could wait 2 days in between hair washes
-I can run my fingers through my dry hair easily and brushing my wet curly tangled hair was a breeze


-the shampoo had a funky smell – like it was trying to be fresh and naturally botanical or something but mixed with chemical- that seemed to be what my scent picked up
-does not lather well, I squirt about 2- 3 pumps to try and get a good lather/suds going and nothing, it just seemed to absorb in my hair
-too many pumps – I used about 5-6 pumps for the conditioner and it seemed to give good coverage and absorb into my hair the way a good conditioner would but I don’t think it should take half the bottle to do it

All in all I would say for an $11/ bottle drug store shampoo & conditioner it does a nice job, however; I will probably try something else next time

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