Product Review – Kevin Murphy BLONDE.ANGEL Wash & Treatment


Ponytails + Horseshoes treated us to a fab Kevin Murphy line called BLONDE. ANGEL. Which is a shampoo & conditioner/treatment designed to help get rid of yellow or brassy tones and I liked the fact that it can be used for grey hair as well – I bet it would give grey hair some really nice silvery tones. All 3 of us Mane Dishers are blondes right now but the other two have recently moved away from the cooler blondes and are going towards warmer tones so I was the only one to review this product.


I should first say; this shampoo & conditioner is no joke – not only is the shampoo purple but the conditioner is also an intense, deep purple…which I found impressive. Why not tone your hair with your conditioner too? This was a new concept for me. I was excited to try this new line by Kevin Murphy firstly because I love me some icy blondes and secondly because I had recently gone ombre and therefore hadn’t had my blonde touched up in a while. I love that intense white blonde and had found that my previous purple shampoo was more so turning my hair purple-ish than really toning it. Check out my results with the Kevin Murphy BLONDE.ANGEL line below.


shampoo on left & conditioner on right

As mentioned before, this is an intense purple color and the smell immediately reminded me of fruit loops. Because I’m rocking an ombre right now, I only used this shampoo on my ends after I had shampoo’d my root/scalp with a regular shampoo. Left it on for about a minute and rinsed out. Good lather, left my hair nice and clean but most importantly BLONDE. I used this for 5 shampoos in a row but this stuff works so well, you could get away with using it every other shampoo or just whenever you felt your color needed a boost.


A deep purple as well, the conditioner had more of a flowery smell to it but with almost a hint of spice? I’m not sure what to call it…but good. I noticed my husband straight up smelling my hair…a couple times. Which is new and I’ll assume means he likes it. For some reason I was a little skeptical that this would actually condition (apparently a product can’t condition and tone in my mind;) but it actually worked really well to detangle my hair. I left it in for a couple minutes while I worked it through with a wide-tooth comb before rinsing (something I do with all of my conditioners). You can leave it on for a bit longer 3-5 minutes which will give you a more intense color and a deeper conditioning.


I really like this line for getting rid of my brassy tones and this is definitely my new favorite purple shampoo…and conditioner. No matter how much I bleach my hair, it always tends to go brassy so this is a perfect line to keep up those icy, cool tones. I think using it once a week will be sufficient enough so the product will last a long time. Great line, definitely recommend!

I didn’t take a right-before-using-the-product picture (I unfortunately had the flu when I started using the BLONDE.ANGEL and neither myself nor my hair was in any condition for picture taking) but the only thing I’ve changed from the picture on the left is added a darker color at the roots and gotten a couple trims. I haven’t had any salon bleaching, coloring or toning on the ends, just used the BLONDE.ANGEL shampoo and conditioner.

Before & After a week of use

If you wanted to give Kevin Murphy BLONDE.ANGEL Wash & Treatment a try for yourself, Ponytails + Horseshoes carries both products.

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