Product Review – Kevin Murphy Texture Master

Before KM Texture Master – After using KM Texture Master

Ponytails + Horseshoes features a product from their salon each week and they hooked us up with one they featured a couple weeks ago (Thanks Amy and Christina!!!). It’s Kevin Murphy’s Texture Master which is a strong hold texture mist and basically acts as a backcomb in a bottle (with built in hairspray). You can pick it up at Ponytails + Horseshoes for $26 and it seems like this bottle will last. It’s made it’s rounds between the three of us and we’ve each written reviews for our different hair types and styles, which you can read after the jump. Here’s a quick little video on how to use it and the type of look you can achieve:

A little background on the product as Kevin Murphy mentions:
  • use on dry, styled hair; this is not a product you want to spray in and then start trying to curl
  • it is very strong hold, so start light and add more if you want to go bigger
  • this product is for getting BIG. WILD. HAIR. If you want a softer beachy look then go for Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort

Review #1 (long/slight wave/medium thickness)
This has got to be my new favorite hair styling product! I’m not at all good at backcombing so this texture spray is perfect for me. That’s my hair in the pictures and I basically quickly curled my hair and followed what Kevin Murphy did to the model in the video.

With less Texture Master Spray in

I went light at first (shown in pic to the left) just spraying it on my roots and a tiny bit on the ends. Then I decided to go big instead of going home and I sprayed it all over my hair (shown in the pic up top). This stuff is insane! Amazing hold and texture. In the areas I went a little too crazy, it did look a little product heavy/oily but I just gently brushed that spot out and it was good as gold.

The Texture Master spray does have a stronger smell when you first spray it on but I found once it was in my hair, the smell softened up and reminded me a bit of vanilla. I wasn’t able to run my fingers through my hair once I was all done, but that’s exactly how this product is supposed to work. It’s a set it and forget it product that you spray in, get your desired look and leave it for the night – you don’t have to fuss over it. Love it! Definitely one to stay on my shelf :)

Review #2 (medium length/straight/fine)
The Kevin Murphy Texture.Master spray is one of the fastest working volume inducing products I’ve ever used and I should know, I crave volume for my fine straight hair and thus have tried a ton of different products!  Being that it works so quickly I was a little scared that I was going to use too much and my hair would end up looking like a helmet with zero movement.  But after a few attempts with the non aerosol spray I was able to master the perfect amount of product to use.

Amy, the co-owner of Ponytails + Horseshoes, advised me right off the bat to spray at arms length on my hair so as to avoid causing any of these issues, and I would definitely agree with that, a little goes a long way here! And that certainly makes the $26 for this product worth while.

I personally did a little backcombing to really amp up the volume, but it does say on the back of the product that there is no backcombing necessary and I believe it, I just wanted big ass hair. After a few hours my hair was still large and in charge and when it was time for bed, I simply brushed it out with no issues. There was no gummy, sticky tangles of hair that needed handfuls of conditioner to remove. I fully recommend stopping by Ponytails + Horseshoes to add this product to your collection, you never know when you’re gonna want to rock a Beehive!

Review #3 (long/wavy/thick)
I don’t really use texturizing spray or even have one in my array of hair products. I’ve bought texturizing sprays in the past to help mould my cowlick bangs into a sleek shape but I honestly can’t remember attempting a structured up-do where I would use a texturizing product. I’m more of a loose wave, dishevelled hair kind of gal. Since I don’t normally structure my hair I thought I should try and see if this product would work with my every day styling regime. So I thought I could possibly use it as a root booster/back comb volumizing tool.

Here is what I found … I weirdly like the sort of chemical smell it has, it smells like it would be an intense product that ensures a maximum effect. No pretty, light, or floral smell to it. I tried it on a few different sections of my hair and found its best not to spray close to your head, spray at an arms length as it is quite concentrated.

I’m more of a soft, beachy waves type of girl so I found this product a bit too sticky for me – I would definitely go for the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort instead. But if you’re looking for a structured texturizing spray then this product might be right for you.

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