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We picked up a bottle of Kevin Murphy’s YOUNG.AGAIN from Ponytails + Horseshoes to see if it lived up to its claims. But before we get to the reviews, here is a little backround on the story behind Kevin Murphy’s YOUNG.AGAIN, Immortelle infused treatment oil as described by Kevin Murphy…it’s actually very interesting!

“YOUNG.AGAIN contains a very powerful antioxidant called Immortelle.  Myth has it that Ulysses travelled to the isalnd of Corsica, found the oil of Immortelle and anointed himself with it and became a demigod.  It was thought that Immortelle was the elixir of the gods as it was known for its ability to fight the ravages of time.”  Kevin Murphy goes on to describe how his combination of Immortelle oil, Bur Oil & other extracts have come together to create a weightless, antioxidant rich serum that will restore and revive your hair.

So ya, sounds pretty wicked hey?  Kind of makes me wanna take a bath in this stuff!  But at close to $40 a bottle, we will leave that to those Hollywood types terrified of aging and I’ll just stick to using it on my over processed bleached blonde;) Check out our reviews complete with pics showing the improvement YOUNG.AGAIN made when applied to just one side of the hair.


I always spray on some type of a heat protector if I’m blowdrying my hair and then some extra if I’m curling or straight ironing it. I have to admit, I usually use a spray as I’ve found serums a bit too heavy in the past, but we’re all about being adventurous here at Mane Dish so I took a walk on the wild side and tested out Kevin Murphy’s YOUNG.AGAIN 😉

The smell is amazing, but I wasn’t surprised there as all of KM’s stuff smells great, and a little of this product goes a long way. I really wanted to see the difference between using YOUNG.AGAIN oppose to not so I created a part from front to back and divided my hair in half.

I put 2 pumps into my palms (was a bit much for half my head, probably perfect for full), rubbed my hands together to warm the product up and worked it through the right side of my towel dried hair. I let my hair air dry a bit, sectioned it off, then went to town with a round brush and blowdryer.

I thought it was my imagination but I actually timed a few sections, one side to the other, and the side with the KM in it dried faster – bonus! My brush definitely ran through my hair smoothly on the KM side and once dry I noticed a real difference when running my fingers through my hair; non KM – my fingers got a little stuck and it pulled as I raked them through, KM side – no tangles, smooth from top to bottom – I even did a blind test on my husband when he got home without telling him anything, just to run his fingers through each side. He said both sides were soft (he wouldn’t want to offend me;) and that the second side was smoother and softer – proof!

On the left is the side I applied YOUNG.AGAIN and on the right – no product:

The pics don’t really do it justice but the ends on the KM side are smoother, the hair falls nicer and I found that the usual moving around that can mess up your hair, made much less of a mess on the KM side. I literally did not touch my hair for this pic:

YOUNG.AGAIN on the left – no product on the right

I used YOUNG.AGAIN for a good solid 2 weeks, as I really wanted to give it an honest and fair review.  Here are my findings in accordance to some of their features and benefits:

Weightless & Nutrient rich:  Absolutely!  Totally weightless, practically soaked completely into my strands within minutes of application.  That was a really great benefit of this product as compared to other oils.

Intensely Conditions hair:  For sure, after weeks of constant use I really did find a healthier texture.

Protects hair from heat: Really any conditioning product once applied to your hair will technically lubricate your strands enough to provide heat protection and YOUNG.AGAIN is no different.  You could really see how applying it to freshly washed hair helped to coat and protect it from my hot rollers, curling irons and flat iron.  Not necessarily better or worse than other oils I’ve used though.

Smoothing: K, this is my favorite part of this product!  No greasy, heavy residue left on my hair after styling!  I could simply apply the tiniest amount on dry hair and smooth away those unwanted fly-aways.  Such a good feature!!

Kevin Murphy’s YOUNG.AGAIN is a fabulous product and as compared to other oils would win based on the weightless texture of the actual oil itself.  It’s a pretty big bottle and will last me quite a long time, which is a good thing, cuz the price is a little steep for me at $39.

We would definitely recommend this product to our hair obsessed friends :) You can grab yours at Ponytails + Horseshoes

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