Product Review – L’Oreal Fiberceutic Hair Filling Serum Treatment

Before (as if I left the house with my hair like that!) &
After Fiberceutic Treatment and blow-out by Katelyn at Ponytails + Horseshoes

The L’Oreal Fiberceutic treatment comes highly recommended, often even being referred to as “Botox for hair” and to be honest we could reaaally use some help in that department so we were super stoked to try it! The treatment essentially deposits a patented molecule, (L’Oreal calls it Intra-Cylane), into the hair which then attaches itself to your hair’s damaged Keratin, (hair fibres main protein), to help seal and repair breakages. This salon treatment combined with the at home replenishing masque are supposed to help rejuvenate damaged weak hair, leaving it feeling stronger and more full of life…hence “Botox for your hair”.

If you want to try the Fiberceutic Treatment out for yourself (and we highly recommend you do), give Ponytails + Horseshoes a call. Their pricing is as follows:

Just the treatment: $55
Add treatment onto a color/cut service: $30
Just treatment plus the take home masque: $65 (Sweet Deal!!)

Check out what we thought of the Fiberceutic Hair Filling Serum and Masque!

It’s been a week now since I’ve had the L’Oreal Fiberceutic treatment from Ponytails + Horseshoes. The treatment took about 10 minutes for my stylist Katelyn to apply; she focused mainly on the most damaged parts of my hair, mid shaft to ends. After the treatment was applied, Katelyn gave me a fabulous blow out using a large round brush and a few must have Kevin Murphy products.

She applied Staying.Alive leave in conditioner, Full.Again Thickening Lotion and Body.Builder Volumizing Mousse to give me the volume that I was not naturally blessed with. She also used Lakme Chalk matte effect powder to provide even more volume but I wasn’t a huge fan of this simply because of the feeling it left in my hair. It’s not this product in particular; most of these powders I find have this sticky texture once applied and it’s just hard for me to get over. Nothing personal Lakme!

Anyhoo, back to the Fiberceutic. The in salon treatment lasts about 10 washes or so and I’m at 2. I can certainly notice that the initial treatment helped the overall appearance of my hair making it appear less damaged and therefore it has a healthier smooth appearance.

For the cost of the treatment and the effects I’ve seen thus far, I would certainly recommend this to people who have dry damaged hair like I do.

I can’t really comment on the at home masques claims as of yet, but I will certainly keep you all posted on its effects in a follow up review a couple weeks from now.

This was a quick treatment that you could fit into your regular cut and color appointment. Becca first applied the Fiberceutic Hair Filling Serum after shampooing, then applied the masque, which she massaged through my hair for about 5 minutes, rinsed then blowdried (as a side note; Becca gave THE best head massage! She even did the back of my neck. She also gave me a wicked styling :)

I honestly couldn’t stop touching my hair after this treatment (I probably looked like a valley girl;) and it was the softest I can remember my bleached hair ever feeling. I’m on wash #3 and my hair still has this silky feeling to it even after shampoo (and before conditioner) and my regular conditioner works much better.

The biggest thing I noticed about this treatment is that it left my hair soft and smooth but it still had fullness. A lot of times I find after a deep conditioning type treatment, my hair feels really silky, but it’s hard to get any volume or to get curls to hold. This Fiberceutic treatment has the best of both worlds.

Volume achieved without products,
round brushing or backcombing

I’ve only used the at home Fiberceutic Masque for Fine Hair once so far so but I could definitely notice some immediate results. I usually use a round brush for some volume when I’m blowing out my hair but after just using my fingers to comb through while I dried, my hair had soooo much volume! I then added a bit of wave to my hair with a curling iron and smoothed out the ends – my hair stayed full all night.

I’m going to continue to use the masque at home and update the results soon but I can say that from the one use I’ve gotten out of it, it boosts the results from the in-salon treatment and gives your hair some major volume.

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