Product Review: L’Oreal Professionnel Fiberceutic Masque



This summer, Ponytails + Horseshoes were kind enough to invite us to their salon for the L’oreal Fiberceutic Hair Filling Serum treatment and they were even kinder to send us home with the complimenting masque! It’s a replenishing masque for very damaged, weak hair. Check out our two reviews:

My hair is on the thicker side, wavy and definitely over processed. I can usually get some pretty good volume if I put the effort in with products, curling, roundbrushing, etc. Left alone though and my hair doesn’t usually do too much, however you can see in the picture from our first post, my hair had lots of volume after using the mask (I did use a curling iron after to style it some more and get rid of the frizzies).

The thing that I found with this L’oreal Fiberceutic Masque was that it wasn’t like your typical at home treatment. I was a little thrown off when my hair wasn’t silky smooth when I applied it in the shower – I almost felt like I could use a little conditioner beforehand to detangle, then apply the masque. But once I started to blowdry my hair, that’s where I could notice the results. My hair was soft, but not to the point where it’s so smooth curls just fall out of it. It still gave me tons of volume and felt like my strands had been beefed up.

I like to use my hair treatments as a treat and apply them every once and a while. This is my go-to masque when I know I want to go big with my hair and have my volume or curls last all night. It’s the perfect compliment to the in salon treatment which left my hair feeling really healthy.





So a couple months ago, (wow, we are super behind on reviews aren’t we!), Christina from Ponytails + Horseshoes was kind enough to send us home with the L’oreal Serie Expert Fiberceutic Replenishing Masque for damaged, weak hair after giving us the in salon treatment, (read my review here).  I have since been using it about once every 2 weeks.  I know some people say that they use it every couple of washes, but I only wash my hair once a week, so I can go a bit longer.  I apply the masque in the shower, comb it through and rinse REALLY well.  I can’t use a lot of it because of my fine hair and I’m not kidding with the rinse well, it will leave the hair feeling heavy if there is too much left in.  When used properly, this product leaves my hair smooth, healthy & strong.  I strongly recommend it for those of you like me who really put their hair through the ringer with coloring and styling tools, it’s going to bring some life back into those locks & you’ll be happy you picked it up!  Especially at only $65 for 1 in salon treatment & the take home masque!  Thanks again PoHo, you really know how to save a girls hair!

Before & After In Salon Treatment

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