Product Review – Oribe Signature Moisture Masque

After adding a full head of blonde highlights to my hair (Check out the pics) I knew my strands would be a little parched. Epic Beauty Boutique had just gotten their Oribe line of hair products in and the moisturizing masque seemed like the perfect one to try out.

It was $66 for a jar and it seems like it will last me at least couple months, as I usually let masks have a sleepover on my hair every couple weeks. If you’ve ever bleached your hair before, you know that feeling it has for the first few washings. I can usually expect my hair to be a little dry and fragile, with a lot more breaking off on my comb for the first week. I expected it to be even worse this time as I had gone quite a bit blonder and added highlights to the bottom half of my hair which hadn’t been dyed in years. So I wore the masque on my hair overnight (in dry hair) and then the next day, because I didn’t have to leave the house, I just rinsed it out in the shower, skipped a shampoo and then applied the mask again, this time to wet hair.

After the first rinsing, my comb slid through my hair so easily. When I finally did shampoo the masque out and styled my hair, I was really surprised at how little effort it took to get smooth, soft strands. Post-bleached hair usually takes me a lot more time, heat and tools to smooth out my frizzy, chemically damaged strands. My hair was back to it’s original condition in a fraction of the time it normally takes (I partially give props to Desiree for her awesome cut and color skills though).

This is probably the most expensive conditioning masque I have bought but I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s worth it. I love being blonde but won’t do it if it means I have to live with dried out strands. I feel better going lighter knowing I can slap this on after and get my hair back to it’s original condition.

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