Product Review – Phyto Phytoapaisant Shampoo

This shampoo was suggested to me to help clear up a little dry patch on my scalp that just wouldn’t go away. Read on to find out if it worked…
At my last visit to Celebrity Hair Salon to see the amazingly talented hairstylist, Patricia¬† (I really do love her, just type “Celebrity Salon” in the search bar to the right to see some of her and Celebrity’s other amazing stylist’s work:) she noticed a little patch of skin along my hairline that was red, irritated and tight. I’ll admit, I was a little embarrassed by it and was hoping it wasn’t noticeable but in the long run, I’m glad she suggested Phyto’s Soothing Treatment Shampoo because it helped clear up the problem in a week.

I had seen Phyto quite a bit in salons and heard great things about it but never actually tried any of their products. In my world, the less chemicals the better so I love that Phyto is 95% natural, botanical ingredients. I was even more sold on their line when I checked out their website and saw the quote “Our hair is like our bodies, chemical products attack it and natural products take care of it”. This is basically my philosophy when it comes to food, skin care products and hair products so I was excited to try this shampoo out!

Phytoapaisant is for sensitive scalps and its purpose is to gently cleanse and protect the scalp. It’s a clear, liquid shampoo that smells really nice and clean, which I love (sometimes these types of lines can smell a bit medicinal). As with any shampoo that is sulphate free, you don’t get a big lather but don’t let that fool you, it does a really good job of cleaning your hair. I usually need to lather, rinse, repeat with gentler, plant based shampoos but this one did the job in just one lather and rinse.

I used this every time I washed my hair for a week and then after that, alternated with another natural shampoo that was a little more moisturizing. After a week my dry patch cleared right up and overall my scalp felt healthier. That tight, itchy feeling I occasionally got on cold days, hasn’t been around since using the Phytoapaisant Shampoo.

The other thing I noticed, which is a total bonus for me, is that my hair/scalp is much less oily. I wasn’t really looking for those results but just realized yesterday that I was on day 3 and my hair wasn’t a complete oil slick, I could actually go out in public with it. That alone is worth it’s weight in gold to me:)

If you have similar issues with your hair and scalp, I would definitely recommend giving the Phytoapaisant Soothing Treatment Shampoo a try. You can pick it up at Celebrity Hair Salon (10134 105 St, Edmonton (780)428-6192) for around $25…tell them the Mane Dish gals say hi;)

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