Product Review – Pureology Antifade Complex Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

For Christmas, Santa had filled my stocking with very useful items, one of the most surprising was the Pureology shampoo & conditioner. I’ve tried it before and liked it but decided it didn’t quite fit into my hair product budget as it’s one of the more expensive hair care lines. However since it was a gift from Santa, I was excited to be reunited with a quality shampoo and conditoner. I’ve been using it almost every other day since Christmas and have found the following results…

Antifade complex hydrating shampoo concentrated formula %100 vegan and zero sulfate. 300ml.

I use a quarter size amount and it lathers like crazy even on my thick, dry, moisture-absorbing hair. Normally I use almost a palm size amount of shampoo and feel the need to shampoo twice and condition once, I found with the Pureology line I only used a quarter amount and shampooed once. The smell is very calming and has a light scent of what I would guess is lavender with a hint of tea tree or peppermint oil. Because of the smell and lather of this product I actually enjoyed shampooing my hair. It Rinses out easily leaving my hair without the stiff tangled feeling.


Hydrate conditioner, Organic botanicals, %100 vegan, 250 ml.

I started with a toonie size portion since I have thick hair and it absorbs most conditioner quite fast. I normally end up doing 2 or 3 more toonie size dollups just to cover all ends of my dry hair, I like to feel the conditioner layered on top of my hair, not absorbed into it. It shocked me that I really only needed a toonie size amount, and with a smooth lather all over the ends of my hair, I rinsed it after only 3 min (instead of the normal 5) and it felt silky smooth. I could actually run my fingers through my hair without having to use a brush when I condition.

The end result of the two combined: I have used this product before getting my hair coloured and noticed that because it is a hydrating shampoo for coloured hair while my hair was growing out, this shampoo made my fresh roots over hydrated -a.k.a greasy:( So I felt that I needed to wash my hair every day, I ended up switching back to the Gosh drug store brand.

However! I recently had my hair coloured root to tip and this product is just what my hair needed. The hydrating formula on my recently processed hair keeps it from looking frizzy and actually smoothed down my hair without making it feel greasy, allowing me to skip between washes. I also notice that because it’s an antifade complex that it really does hold the freshly dyed colour in and keep it looking vibrant; but because I’m a blonde and my hair tends to turn a little brassy after a few washes I like to, once or twice a week, switch up my routine and use a purple shampoo to keep the brass colour away.

Most salons that I have been to carry this product and even use it as their go-to shampoo & conditioner on their clients, so if they’re using it then it must be a great line. Unfortunately I’ve found that with any great line comes an even greater price. I personally don’t feel that this is a must have product and after I am finished with it, I will probably go back to a mid price range salon shampoo and conditioner until I find one that I just can’t live without.

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