Product Review – Pureology Antifade Leave In Conditioner

I wanted to get a leave in conditioner for my hair as it seems to be getting quite dry this time of year and I wanted some extra nourishment. I chose Pureology Anti-fade leave in conditioner, (30.95 for 8.5oz). I have heard good things about this line and was curious, so against my better/cheaper judgement, I bought it.
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One of the things I liked about this product was that it wasn’t goopy or sticky in my hair once applied and when it dried it didn’t weigh it down. It had a great smell too. The back of the bottle promised to mend and reinforce my color treated hair all while delivering thermal and color protection. I feel like I have NO idea if the product did in fact help to reduce the fading of my color and I only noticed minimal change in my hair’s overall condition. It seems like a lot of products say they will do all of this magical stuff but really, who knows in the end. Does the fact that I didn’t notice any huge differences mean that it wasn’t working or maybe it just means my hair was beyond Pureology’s capacity to repair!

I don’t want to bash Pureology’s Antifade leave in conditioner but I also can’t really praise it. I can say for certain that it’s just not worth the $ and that perhaps I need to expect more from my products. No more, “I guess it was ok”, reaction’s will do…I wanna be wowed from now on!

If you have tried it, please comment below on what your thoughts were, I’d be interested in comparing reviews.

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