Product Review – Schwarzkopf Blondme Shampoo/Conditioner

I gave Schwarzkopf Blondme purple shampoo and nourishing luminosity spray in conditioner a try. I’m kinda split down the middle on these products by Schwarzkopf which u can get at any salon in Edmonton carrying the Schwarzkopf product line. They cost about $20 for the shampoo and a couple bucks less for the conditioner. I’d say the purple shampoo worked well to keep away the brassy tones at first but after only 2 weeks I could notice my hair changing color, so this tells me it probably wasn’t really doing anything at all in the first place:( I definitely prefer UNITE’s version of a toning shampoo, BLONDA instead, which we have already reviewed. The spray leave in conditioner however, is fantastic! It is a nice, light weight spray that does not weigh down my hair and leaves it looking shiny and healthy. I used it all summer long, immediately spraying it throughout my hair after being out in the sun and lake all day and will definitely be using it during this cold, dry winter.

I would buy the UNITE Blonda Shampoo instead of the Schwarzkopf Blondme. As for the Blondme Spray-in Conditioner, I would recommend this product for sure, especially for the price:)

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