Product Review – Schwarzkopf Essensity Color Shampoo & Conditioner

In my search to find the perfect shampoo for my sensitive scalp, I picked up Schwarzkopf’s organic line. This was the last shampoo and conditioner I tried out of three and I would say I am least impressed with this one…

The other 2 I tried were vegan whereas this one is organic. I don’t know how big of a differences that makes, but looking at the ingredient lists there are a couple difference from a vegan shampoo to the organic, aside from the different plant and fruit extracts used.

Ingredients found in the Schwarzkopf Shampoo that could cause irritation:
Ammonium Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – this ingredient is found in a lot of drugstore brands and is used as an inexpensive detergent that makes mixtures foam and can cause irritation. The vegan shampoo uses Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate instead which is supposed to be less irritating and drying.
Linalool – extracted from plants and used to boost scents but apparently has caused eczema for several individuals
Salicylic Acid – used to treat dandruff but can cause the scalp to become dry, red, irritated or scaly. It’s one of the last few ingredients on the list so there’s probably a minimal amount, but still…

Even before discovering what the ingredient list is capable of, I noticed a difference as soon as I stepped out of the shower. It definitely dried out my skin, along my hairline is where I notice it. It wasn’t flaky skin, it was just tight and looked like the type of skin you need to throw some moisturizer on. The only plus I found to this one was the smell – it reminded me of a clean, fresh, green tea smell.

The conditioner was complete crap. To me it felt like a watered down conditioner. It just disappeared in my hair and I needed a ton of it. Even when my hair was completely covered, it barely helped me get my comb through it.

Maybe I just have super sensitive skin but this for sure is my least favorite shampoo & conditioner that is supposedly for sensitive scalps. I will definitely not buy this again and won’t even finish the bottles, it’s taken me a week to get my scalp back to normal with my vegan shampoos :( I guess my scalp is a vegan snob now.

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