Product Review: Sleep-In Velcro Rollers

I first tried velcro rollers when I was in Jr. High, got a really bad perm, had it chemically straightened the next day and was left with frizzy, half wavy hair. I was given the advice to buy pop can sized velcro rollers and sleep in them every night in order to have sleek hair again (why didn’t someone just teach me how to use a round brush?). I knew if I could sleep in those hard plastic things, these Sleep-In Rollers filled with foam would be a breeze. I can honestly say, I’ve never gotten such volumonous hair so easily before! More comfortable than regular velcro rollers and easier than hot rollers, these are definitely staying in my hair cabinet.

We received the Original Gift Set from Sleep-In Rollers which comes with 20 velcro rollers, a really cute bag reusable bag, a drawstring bag for the rollers, bobby pins and a little velour pouch to hold them. The branding alone made me love this product;)This Gift Set is around $40 and the company pretty much ships anywhere.

20 rollers were more than enough for my medium thickness, long hair and I found they were the perfect size for getting that bombshell style. I started with damp hair and sectioned it all off, starting from the top and working my way down. I personally like when the hair curls away from my face so I wound each roller that way….away from my face in the front sections and downwards on the sides and back.

Starting with a section the width of the curler in my bang area, I did a whole strip from the front to the nape of my neck in about 7 curlers. I used 1 curler on either side of the bang section, again curling away from my face. Then about 4 more on each side for the rest of my hair (these ones I curled downwards).

These were really easy to curl as they grip your ends so you don’t have to worry about them slipping out. They have a little space between the foam insides and velcro outsides where you can slip a bobby pin in to secure them. I made sure to pin on the underside of the roller so that I didn’t get any kinks in my hair.

bobby-pin fits between the foam and velcro

If you’re not use to sleeping in rollers, these may take a few nights to get use to. The more hair I curled around each roller, the more comfortable I found them. This way you don’t have the velcro resting right on your scalp. I also re-positioned a couple on the side of my head to make it a bit more comfortable.

I personally rarely wash my hair at night, I’m a shower-in-the-mornin’ kind of gal but I’m still really excited about these rollers. I may still use them on occasion to sleep in, however I plan on using them to set my hair while it cools. Next time, I’ll round brush my hair until about 90% dry, roll them in the Sleep-In Rollers and let them cool and set while I do my make-up, eat breakfast and of course, read Mane Dish;)

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