Product Review: Surface Push Stylist Powder

When I went to visit the owner, Sheree, of Essentials Salon & Spa, she introduced me to a vegan hair product line her salon carries called Surface. I loved the Shampoo & Conditioner so we were all excited to try out Surface’s Push Styling Powder which gives the hair volume, texture and can be used as a dry shampoo. Check out what we each thought about it…


I’ve tried Aveda’s Pure Abundance Hair Potion which holds similar claims (except it cannot be used as a dry shampoo) and wasn’t really a fan of it. But when Sheree showed me how well Surface’s product lasted, by putting her fingers at her roots, rubbing and giving her hair double the volume on the spot, I was excited to try it out.

Surface’s Push Powder did a really good job of exactly what Sheree showed me – lasting throughout the day. When I had combed the hair through a bit too much or noticed it was falling before the night was over, I just had to rub my fingers on my scalp, where I had applied the product, and the hair would grow back up to it’s voluminous state. I don’t do much backcombing so this was a great tool for me and I imagine it would be helpful to add it to backcombed hair to give it even more staying power. Love that it’s vegan too!


I tried the Surface Push Styling Powder a few times and really found it to work well. You only need a small amount of powder to give your hair volume. And as the day wore on and my hair began to flatten, I simply flipped my head over, gave it a little tussle with my fingers and it was good as new! The only draw back is that these powders can get gummy feeling if you use too much, but that also was the case with the Schwarzkopf version so I think that it’s just a less is more kinda thing!


Because my hair is damaged from all of the dye jobs and over processing, I do try and wash it every other day but sometimes I will leave it to every 3rd or 4th day to wash (it’s healthy for it!!)

I don’t use dry shampoo or powders much as I haven’t really liked the results of most of the few that I have tried. I was given SURFACE -Push styling powder to try out. At first I thought it was a type of dry shampoo but after reading the bottle learnt that it is a “natural matte powder” that enhances texture and volume as well. I was skiing this weekend and came off the hill with terrible toque hair. I also have bangs so toques tend to completely ruin all the perfect straightening that goes into keeping a good bang. Because I was only skiing for one night I didn’t bring any shampoo so I wasn’t able to wash my bangs out to fix them. Thankfully I had this PUSH powder in my purse and decided to give it a whirl…

My results…
-I used a couple shakes of the powder (has a baby powder applicator) in my bangs and back combed them a bit then used a straightener to smooth them out
-it gave my bangs lots of hold and they no longer looked greasy
-my bangs held in place all night which was great
-this product has so much staying power, you do need to take special care to make sure you wash it all out when you do shampoo
-I wasn’t using this product as much for the volume but it did work well as a dry shampoo and gave my hair some structure 

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