Product Review – Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

The count down to Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose is on! And although you’re there for the music, it’s still a little bit about your hair. For those of you tenting it who don’t have immediate access to running water and power, we thought we’d come up with some solutions for your hair to look good even though you may not be able to wash or style it everyday. We’ll start this series off with dry shampoo to help you stay out of the shower line ups and in on the fun. We all gave Tresemme’s Fresh Start Dry Shampoo a try to see if spraying this product in your hair could substitute for a day or two of washing.

So lets review Tresemme’s Dry Shampoo shall we? I don’t know about you but I hate washing my hair. I mean reaaally hate it. Not only because of laziness but also because my fine hair looks and styles better with a bit of filth in it. However, I don’t want it to look greasy, so a dry shampoo is the perfect product for me. I have used Tresemme’s version several times before and it’s great…in moderation. You really only need a light misting of it, using it too much has really damaged and even caused breakage in my hair:( And for that reason, I only use it when it’s really necessary.
When I actually do need to use it, I just spray it throughout my roots, let it sit a minute and gently brush it out.
Tresemme really makes a difference for me and is both affordable and accessible, you can pretty much buy it anywhere. I say use it…but don’t abuse it;)

I get asked by every hairdresser I’ve ever been to; you don’t wash your hair everyday do you? Yes, yes I do. My skin leans towards the oily side so a day after I shower, the hair around my face looks greasy :( I’ve tried getting away with washing every two days or even just rinsing my hair in the shower but not shampooing it, but my hair just feels dirty, heavy and I feel like a slime-ball by the end of the day. I had picked up from Celebrity Salon an Aveda foam solution that had the same purpose (to skip a day of shampooing) but it did not work at all for me and I ended up returning it. There are so many dry shampoos on the market, I was really wondering if they would work for hair like mine.
I gave this product 2 tries, both on second day hair which for me is a little oily around the face. The first try I used it sparingly and worked it through using my fingers…..grease city. By the time I took my shower in the afternoon my hair felt so gross (where I had sprayed the product). Try #2 – I sprayed it on even more sparingly and used a brush to work the product through….I’m still not impressed. I don’t use many after shower products on my hair and if I do, they’re applied with a very light hand and only to the ends. I think spraying this product on the roots of my dirty hair just added to the problem.
So for those of you with oilier skin/hair, this may not be the right product for you. I definitely wouldn’t turn to it to help my hair feel clean on a day without a shower, regular old talcum powder does the trick for me.

Because my hair has a damaged past, I’ve learned years ago that washing it daily can be quite destructive. Don’t get me wrong, I still wash my bod, but my hair needs to get a little greasy (hate that word) before washing or it’s desert dry. For this reason and for the sake of making it through outdoor concert events like Big Valley Jamboree and camping trips; I love that there is such a thing as dry shampoo! Its been a miracle product for those extra skipped washing hair days. I’ve only tested the Tresemme dry shampoo and found it did the job. My hair didn’t appear as greasy as it was. I did find that with dark hair you can see the powder and it didn’t blend very well. I’ve heard that there is dry shampoo for dark hair so make sure the bottle describes what type of hair its for. It was pretty simple to use: I section a few top pieces, back comb them and spray, then blend/fluff your hair with your fingers to blend in the powder.
My thoughts on Tresemme dry shampoo… It’s helpful on the desperate days. I found my hair “appears” less greasy, however; its hard to trick my brain into believing it’s clean. Especially when my hair feels extra heavy from the powder. It will always know that light bouncy freshly washed feeling.

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