Product Reviews – Fekkai & Arbonne

So Since it is Product review week I decided to go through my hair product cupboard and pull out the almost empty products (ones I love) and the product that have a little dust film on them from only one or two time trial.

I’ve decided to rate them based on the density of the bottle.
* Full (Didn’t work for me),
* Almost empty (Use sparingly and on a regular basis)
* Not in Hair cupboard- need to replenish (Love, but use too fast, re stock on pay day)
The Frederic Fekkai-3 Minute Technician Color Care Hair Mask
One of my favorite hair Masks is the Frederic Fekkai. It’s suited for colored hair and meant to be used weekly. It claims it submerges hair in humectants and extracts to revive just-colored condition and silkiness
Not only does it only take 3 min instead of forever to work it’s magic, but it actually makes my over processed hair feel amazing. At first I wasn’t convinced it would do much because it is a light lotion type cream and I always had the misconception that “the thicker the mask, the better”! but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Last winter I was on a mission to find the best hair mask and I tried everything from $3 shoppers drug mart masks (which surprisingly aren’t terrible), the Lush brand natural derived hair masks (also good but hoped for more from it) and, well, the ultimate gold bar mask, the Frederic Fekkai 3 minute, which runs about $45 at Shoppers drug mart. I know the price is a little steep but to me it exceeds my expectations so it’s worth every penny.
Left my Hair:
-Rich and silky and doesn’t get it oily right away. It really just feels healthy
-Smells great, can’t make out the scent though.
-Light cream base, easy to use.
-Personal Fave!!

* Not in Hair cupboard- need to replenish

Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze

Sticking with my man Frederic, I decided to try out his Salon Glaze. I heard that this product replenishes your coloured hair and gives you back that fresh out of the salon colour look! It was recommended if you’re in between hair colourings and want to add shine and that silk feeling back to your hair then this was suppose to help. This treatment takes only 3-5 minutes and can be applied right in the shower. I purchased this about 4 months ago and I still have it on the shelf in my shower. It’s half full. I gave it a good run but honestly didn’t notice much of anything at all.

Left my Hair:
– Since I don’t have portion control I over used this product because it comes out in a light cream and absorbs quickly in my hair- even with the over usage I didn’t really notice much.
-Noticed a bit of a shine
-Didn’t notice any silky feeling
-I liked that even with over use of product I didn’t find it made my hair oily.

* Full didn’t really work for me.

Arbonne Thermal Fusion Hair & Scalp Revitalizer
I’ve gone to many Arbonne home parties and had purchased this product in the past, used it once and never again. I didn’t get the automatic miracle hair out come I was looking for so I put it back in the cupboard and moved on. I recently went to another Arbonne home party and heard a friend talking about how much she loves it. I decided to give it another go since she has this amazing consistently shiny hair thing going on. I figure I must have done something wrong if she uses it and her hair looks that good! So after forgetting that I had put it back in my hair cupboard and purchasing it again I have not regretted the double payment. I just finished the new bottle and am happy for the spare. I learned that this product isn’t supposed to add super shine or a miracle gloss that lasts for days, it simply helps make my hair feel clean and healthier longer.
Left My Hair:
-Feels like my hair is clean and healthier longer.
-Like that it’s a light cream and can be applied directly to the scalp with an easy to use applicator.
-love the fresh scent and the tingly feeling it leaves on the scalp. It smells and feels like the product has  tea tree oil or peppermint (adds the tingly scalp feel) But the Arbonne site says its filled with vitamins and botanical natural products, so I feel even better about using it. 

*Almost empty

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