The Messy French

Well we had to give it a try. After seeing Alessandra Ambrosio’s sleek french braid from the beach, we wondered if we could bring it back into our own style in more of a day/evening look. If you like it, read on to see how we created it :)

Step 1 – this was created on 2nd day hair that had been in a bun, so it had a little texture and messy volume to start

Step 2 – the hair all along the hairline, from nape to forehead, was teased with a fine tooth comb then curled using an inch and a half barrel curling iron. Wrapping the hair away from the face, holding the barrel parallel to the hairline and as close to the scalp as possible without burning yourself

Step 3 – use your fingers to mess the hair up a little more after curling and before beginning the braid. Start at the top and hold the strands of hair you are braiding really loose so they have a chance to fall a little as oppose to being pulled straight back into the braid.

Step 4 – for the top half of the braid, I mostly pulled small sections from around the hairline and left the hair behind that alone so that it could be worked into the bottom of the braid. Vary the amount of hair you pick up and how tight you pull it to get a messier, uneven style. You can also twist some pieces before you braid them in.

Step 5 – once all of your hair is worked into the braid, bring your hair around to the front and finish braiding it. I secured the braid with a clear elastic and left the bottom 5-6 inches out of the braid to curl and tease.

Step 6 – once I checked out the back and made sure it looked decent, I sprayed a generous amount of strong hold hairspray and messed it all up by working my fingers through the braid to my scalp and moving the hair around (like you’re shaking your hair out after a shower). You can also pull on some sections of the braid to loosen them up as well as rubbing some between your fingers. The bottom part of the braid I used my fine tooth comb again and literally backcombed the braid and the loose ends.

As mentioned in a response to a readers question, if you don’t like having your hair pulled straight back off your face, create a part before first and begin the braid closer to the back of the head rather than the top.

What do you guys think? Would you try this style or should we stick around the house with this style?

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