How to Create a Messy Top Knot

We’ve been seeing this style a lot lately and love the updated version of it, which is a bit messier and just looks effortless. Something just didn’t look right on us when we tried the sleek top knot. Check out the how to video we found for the messy top knot after the jump.

Whenever we’re going for a messier look, we like to backcomb the hair close to the roots all along the hairline before we pull it up. It helps if you don’t have a lot of texture in your hair to give a full look and avoid that slicked back shape.

Another great way to get a loose top ponytail to start is to flip your head over to gather all the hair nice and high

We also liked this girl’s version and her technique of pulling on the hair a bit after the bun is complete to get those wispy pieces out. A must-do for any type of messy style :)


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