Tips – Heat Up that Deep Conditioner

Heat helps open the follicle and hair cuticle allowing the deep conditioner to seep down into the hair shaft. Here are a few ways to heat up your treatment:

  1. use a shower cap – this will help trap the heat in that radiates off your head
  2. if you don’t have a shower cap, use a plastic grocery bag – flip your head over and place the bag over your hair then twist the bag at the top of your forehead and wrap an elastic around it to keep it air tight
  3. once your hair is wrapped in plastic, blast it with your blowdryer for a few minutes, until your hair feels warm
  4. or do a little exercise – I’ve totally done this. I’m a huge exercise video junkie so I often work out in my living room and why not deep condition at the same time? You’ll get extra body heat doing double time on your hair
  5. time your deep conditioning for when your towels are coming out of the dryer – wrap a warm one around your head and fold laundry while you’re waiting for the deep conditioner to work it’s magic 😉
  6. And a new one added for summer :) sit out in the sun! Slick your hair into a sleek bun while you catch some rays in your back yard or at the beach. It’ll help protect your hair from damaging rays and condition at the same time.

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