Tips – How and When to Apply Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioners are usually a bit more expensive and they always come in such tiny containers :( So it’s important that when you are using it, you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Read on for our 10 tips…

caring for your hair is not an exact science – it comes down to what works best for your hair type, but these are based on our experience:)

  1. Make sure you buy an actual deep conditioner – if it only suggests you leave it on for a few minutes, it’s probably not a “deep conditioner”
  2. It’s best to shampoo your hair before the treatment so you’re not washing away all the goodness you just put in
  3. Depending on the product, your hair’s condition, if you color it and the amount you use heat to style, every one to two weeks is a good rule of thumb. Once a week for severely damaged hair and once every two weeks for hair that’s in good condition
  4. Brush or comb your hair out first to get all the tangles out so the DC (that means deep conditioner;) can glide through your strands
  5. Apply a deep conditioner to damp hair – too wet and you’ll water down the product – too dry and your product won’t distribute evenly throughout the hair. After showering and towel drying is probably the best time, or spritz your hair with water to get it damp.
  6. For better distribution, section your hair off and apply to the bottom layers first, working your way up. You don’t need a ton, just a thin film to cover the hair
  7. Work some of the DC into your scalp – it can get dry and wants a little love too
  8. Cover the hair and warm it up (check out our warming tips) so the DC has a chance to really soak in
  9. When the 15-20 minutes is up (or however long you like to keep it on – I sleep in mine) rinse it out in as cool of water as you can stand – this will close the hair shaft and hopefully some of that goodness will get trapped inside and be forced to keep working
  10. Don’t overdo it! If you’re using a protein-based conditioner, leaving it on too long or using it too frequently could cause the hair to become dry and brittle and too much of a moisturizing or oil-based one could cause your hair to become limp and lifeless (the internet says so;). Be sure to follow the labels with the protein conditioners.

Although these aren’t all technically deep conditioning masques, here are some we love:
Oribe Signature Moisture Masque
Schwarzkopf Rescue Treatment
Fekkai 3 Minute Mask
Davines NOUNOU Repairing Mask

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