What to Consider When Getting Extensions

We got some tips and advice from a hairstylist who knows extensions. Learn why she thinks Great Lengths extensions are superior.

Great Lengths Extensions installed by Stacey

By now, I’m sure you’ve read How To Get the Perfect Bang and How to Get Ombre Hair Color from our Stacey Kellert interview (angry fist shake if you haven’t;) We have our fourth and final instalment today on extensions. Stacey’s really knowledgeable on the subject and would definitely be my go-to girl if I decided to have some installed. We had no idea how much quality control goes into Great Lengths extensions or the fact that some extension companies get their hair from the bristles of womens brushes! Follow the “Find out more” link to get Stacey’s expertise on the subject.

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You have your Great Lengths certificate for extensions, do all stylists have to have that in order to install Great Lengths hair extensions?
Anyone who installs them has to be certified, the company is really anal about it, in a good way! You basically have to apply to take the course. They make sure you have your license and I had to send them pictures of the salon and the stations we work at so they could give their approval. If you haven’t installed any extensions for 8 months then you loose your certification or have to take the course again. Great Lengths has the highest standards and if there are any complaints of stylists installing them they can also revoke your license.

Most celebrities use Great Lengths hair extensions and are almost twice the price in the U.S than they are here. In L.A. they sell for about $3,000-$5000 so sometimes people will travel to Toronto to get them done since it’s about half the price because not as many people do them here.

There are so many places that offer extensions for varying prices, what do you think is important for a client to look for when choosing a hair stylist that does extensions?
I don’t know that much about other hair extension brands, there could be some with similar quality to Great Lengths like the Loop and Lock brand but I’m not sure because I don’t work with them. I do know that most other brands are a lot bulkier and they don’t last as long or look as natural.

If you do decided to go down the Great Lengths road there are so many positives to this brand, I get so excited when I talk about them because I think they are so great. All of the hair is from India so the quality is better because of the type of hair and the way they process it. A lot of companies get hair from women brushing their hair and then taking the hair out of the brush to make the extensions. This results in the cuticles going in all different directions which ultimately results in the hair extensions getting tangled. They coat the hair with silicone to make it smooth and when the coating wears off, the hair gets all matted.

Great Lengths gets their hair from women in India before a big point in their life (ie: marriage, graduation) The women go to the temple and have their hair braided and cut off as a ritual. Great Lengths then purchases that hair. Because the hair is cut from a braid, the hair cuticles are all going in the same direction, which is why it doesn’t matt up. GL also doesn’t bleach the blonde hair, they go through an osmosis process where it pulls the colour out of the hair; this takes 15 days and keeps the integrity of the hair. They also add a synthetic protein that is close to the natural protein of the hair; but the makeup of the protein is a secret. I love working with Great Lengths because they don’t pull out or damage hair, you can colour, curl or even perm them! If you aren’t sure about them, I would definitely recommend trying out the clip in extensions to see if you are comfortable with them first.

If you are going to spend $300 -$400 on other extensions that last 3 – 4 weeks then you may as well go with Great Lengths because they last 4 – 6 months and the quality is better. You won’t have to go back for tightening or anything and they still look amazing after 6 months.

I’ve done the research and waited for two years to take the course, I am the type of stylist that is similar to Great lengths, haha I’m anal about the health of my client’s hair and I would never do extensions that would jeopardize the integrity of the hair; the hair is exactly the same after they come out.

What would you say is important to know about extensions?
-Make sure that the bond is the same colour as the hair extension
-Research the brand you’re using
-If you have naturally curly hair make sure you find extensions with a natural curl to them

What do you think about the feather extension trend?
It’s something that I think is fun and super popular for the time being, but like any hair trend it will probably come and go, just like the Jennifer Aniston layered hair or the Christina Aguilera black and white hair colour trend. The feather extensions are not so much my style, but I love them on other people; so if it suits your style then for sure try it out!

Does your salon offer feather extensions? How much?
We have two stylists that specialize in putting feather hair extensions in-Mel and Bridgette. $10 per strand or for bundles of 5 or 7 feathers it’s anywhere between $50-$70 depending on the type of bundle. But it depends because some people prefer a bunch of coloured feathers or just 2 or 3.

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